BoxUp 4 Schools

BoxUp 4 Schools

We are delighted to be delivering our work within Schools and that we are now in a number of Primary, Secondary Schools and Pupil Referral Units within Barking and Dagenham.

We offer two main Programs of Delivery in Schools

  • Work Out and Mentoring:

This session is split between a work out with our coaches and the students are put through their paces. During this part of the session the students learn the technical skills of boxing, drills and combinations. This is then followed by a mentoring session where, students are given the opportunity to discuss their challenges, achievements and any issues they may have with the coaches. We have noticed that this is a very powerful part of the session, and we have received feedback that it is a good forum for students to discuss issues openly and together as a group.

  • In- Class Mentoring

Box Up Crime provides in-class mentor support to students who are at severe risk of exclusion. Our mentors develop a good rapport with the students and are involved in pro-social modelling, giving guidance and ensuring the student has the extra support needed to address the issues that are leading them to exclusion.